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Máy đóng gói tự động chiều dọc MODEL MKV-1


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The MKV-1 series is a fully automatic cartoner system designed to pack a variety of products into a box.

The MKV-1 cartoner automatically opens sleeve-style cartons for product loading. The MKV-1 allows extremely fast and easy carton size changes (within 20Min.) The MKV-1 has a special and simple design for an overload feeding system. The MKV-1 has a feeding control on the feeders, while containing no product, the emptybox is automatically rejected. The MKV-1 machine is easy to operate, clean and provides easy access to all of its parts.

Designed for quiet, low maintenance operation.

LEAD also offers a wide variety of loader, accumulation, and infeed sections to solve your toughest case packaging needs



Bags, toys, rice, tubes, medicals, granulate product, bottles, jars, cans, frozen product, etc.


Technical Data
  • AC variable speed drive.
  • Automatic product feeding into the carton.
  • Digital indicators and calibrated scales for easy setup.
  • Generator vacuum source.
  • 6" touch screen with diagnostic fault alarm
  • changeable carton magazine.
  • Omron PLC controller.
  • Hot melt glue system.
  • CE mark.
  • 24 VDC control voltage.
  • Production speed:
  • Up to 70 carton per minute.
  • final speed:depending on the product orientation and length.

Net weight:


  • 120 kg

Electrical requirements:


  • Input power: 200/380 volt, 3 phase 50/60 Hz, 2.5 kw
  • Other required is available
  • Control Circuit: 24 VDC.



  • Minimum:

40mm (1.5") L. x 30mm (1.18")   W. x 100mm (3.94") H.

  • Maximum:

220mm (8.6") L. x 120mm (4.7") W. x 320mm (12.6") H.

  • Special application upon request.

Air requirements:


  • Operating pressure: 88psi (6 atm)
  • Line pressure: 103 psi (7atm)
  • Air consumption: 300 L/min at 6 bar
  • Hot melt air pressure 20-59 psi (1.4 - 4 atm)


  • Servo drive.
  • Tuck-in style.
  • Tuck-in + glue style.
  • Carton shape- triangle, and other as request.
  • Date coding
  • Right Left version avaliable
  • Leaflet system
  • Stainless steel construction
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