SPA Series



SPA Series: 

Macsa has developed the SPA Scalable Product Architecture.

The SPA laser platform simplifies everything. It’s modular so you can specify the laser which you need today knowing that you will be able to adapt it when your needs change tomorrow.

SPA lasers incorporate features and technology enabling them to deliver better quality coding and marking at higher speeds more consistently over time.

It’s not just about selling lasers but about supplying, installing and supporting complete lasers systems.

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SPA C farina 02

CO2 laser for bottle coding

Coding in bottles requires equipment capable of adapting to the high speed of production lines in the beverage sector. Macsa ID SPA C equipment is powerful and fast modular lasers with CO2 technology, designed to meet the most demanding needs and requirements in coding.

The Macsa ID SPA C allows working on various materials such as:

    • paper
    • paperboard
    • glass
    • PET
    • and also on a wide range of plastics, which is why they are the most used by packaging manufacturers.

It is an ideal laser for coding bottles and the beverage market, as it adapts to the speed and characteristics of each production line, providing permanent and legible marking to guarantee the traceability of each container.

Macsa ID offers you a wide range of powers, speeds and optional features so that you can choose the equipment that best suits your business. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover the many options of this modular laser.











SPA F Pulsed

spa F Pulsed Macsa laser packaging 01 0spa F Pulsed Macsa laser packaging

Macsa ID’s SPA F pulsed fibre laser is a specialized for coding and marking a wide variety of plastics and metals. The Macsa ID SPA F range codes and marks product information without damaging the substrate, at very high speeds while maintaining excellent definition. It offers a life span of more than 100,000 hours and is well suited for coding onto plastic or metal coated materials, such as aluminium beverage cans, making it a high quality and cost effective alternative.

  • High speed
    The pulsed fiber laser, SPA F Pulsed, codes and marks information at high speed while maintaining excellent definition, without interruption even in harsh environments.
  • Excellent marking quality
    Laser coder designed for metal, plàstic and other materials that require high quality marking.
  • Environmentally friendly
    Laser technology is environmentally friendly as it reduces the cost of consumables, avoids the generation of harmful emissions and energy consumption is minimal.

Beverage can laser marking MACSA 1SPA F PULSED nivea

SPA F Film

SPA F Film chocolat low MACSAspaF Film coding Macsa low

Fiber laser flexible packaging coding

The coding of flexible packaging, laminated and metalized films, and other packaging covered with film, plastic and aluminum, is possible thanks to the SPA F Film from Macsa ID. Specialized in applying various information on flexible films at high speed and offering permanent markings, guaranteeing the traceability of products. The laser is a high-quality and cost-effective alternative to other traditional coding technologies.

  • Cost reduction
    SPA F Film lasers respond to the need to reduce coding costs and waste.
  • High speed and print quality
    This fiber laser codes and marks at high speed. SPA F Film delivers consistent, permanent, high-quality codes without interruption, even in harsh environments.
  • Management and control of the production line
    The high-speed production lines in which this film fiber laser can be integrated are complemented by the Integra Optima and Integra Track & Trace software to be able to be controlled, managed, and optimized, reducing costs and errors.

We adapt the laser to the production line according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and find out which is the best option.


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